At Michigan State I teach or have taught the following courses
EAD 942: Economic Analysis in Education Policy Making
EAD 924: Data and Decision Making
EAD 813: Education, Development and Social Change
CEP 930: Educational Inquiry (with Professor Steven Weiland)
CEP 932: Introduction to quantitative research methods in Education

Please email me if you would like to see a copy of the syllabus or learn more about any of these classes

Prior to Michigan State I have taught the following classes at Stanford University and Mumbai University
Instructor, Stanford University

Education Policy in International and Comparative Education (graduate level)
Politics of International Cooperation in Education (graduate level)
Workshop on Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (graduate level)

Teaching Assistant and Statistical Software Consultant, Stanford University
Introduction to Data Analysis and Interpretation (graduate level)
Resource Allocation in Education (graduate level)
Social Science Data and Software Services (graduate and undergraduate level)

Senior College Lecturer, Mumbai University
Microeconomics (undergraduate level)
Macroeconomics (undergraduate level)
Development Economics (with a focus on India) (undergraduate level)

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